Get Informed or Get in Line

The Veterans Administration Hospitals’ horrific reality is considered unethical and inhumane by most of us Americans, who honor the Hippocratic Oath and value life. Shockingly, the current political reality is that the ruling elites, led by figure-head Obama, are far leftist, Utopian, progressive statists with Communist roots, who do not value individual life but, in fact, believe the world’s problems stem from over-population. Sorry, but I believe our rulers are “sad” about the VA situation, but they think that it is just the way it should be, tough luck, and in the words of Obama appointee HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebilius, “I would suggest, sir, that , again, this is an incredibly agonizing situation where someone lives and someone dies.”

President Obama surrounds himself with advisors the likes of Sebilius, Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emmanuel, and his first appointee as CMS director Donald Berwick- fellow travelers who idolize socialized medicine and will do absolutely anything to achieve it in the United States of America- the country they despise, the country whose Constitution they defile, the country they seek to fundamentally transform.

  1. They believe, in the fashion of Josef Stalin, that socialized medicine is the keystone in the arch or socialism.
  2. They believe, in the fashion of Saul Alinsky, that the ends justify the means, including lying and dying.
  3. They believe that we, the people, are stupid and that they, the central planners, know best and will tell us what to do.

Ezekiel Emanuel’s “Principles for allocation of scarce medical intervention”, published in Lancet 2009, is telling and sets forth his alternative new rationing system- the complete lives system- “which prioritizes younger people who have not yet lived a complete life, and also incorporates prognosis, save the most lives, lottery, and instrumental value principles.” Ezekiel Emanuel, who believes government needs to intervene in the patient –doctor relationship and deconstruct the Hippocratic Oath, advises Obama on healthcare. Accordingly, the “incredibly agonizing situation” at the VA would not only be sanctioned by Obama and his operatives, but it could very well have been implemented (or endorsed by casting the blind eye) by Obama and his operatives from top down, by design- because, as espoused by Sebilius, “someone lives and someone dies”.

Let’s face it; it’s not called the YRADA (young recruits/ active duty administration) hospital, for patients who would qualify for care based on Emanuel’s complete lives system “which prioritizes care to young people who have not yet lived a complete life”. And, as far as “instrumental value principles” go, our veterans are not high enough on Obama and his fellow anti-imperialist pals’ lists to warrant actual medical care. In reality, patients at the VA don’t make the cut under Obama’s signature legislation. They are too old, and they are not valued. They are waiting in long lines…dying. Tough luck.

I wish this were not the case, but it is. If you don’t believe it, you are not informed with facts, those stubborn things that coexist with absolute truth.

Make no mistake: this IS government-run medicine. They master-minded this “incredibly agonizing system”, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this for all.

Do something. In the fashion of our forefathers, we must stand up and strong against all odds. Stand for prolonging life not ending it. Stand for our elderly, sick, weak, and disabled. Stand for our heroes, our veterans. Fight courageously for the lives of those who courageously fought for our lives. Or get in line.





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