Insanity Reigns: I will not play the perverse game of government run medicine, so help me God.


After reading this update from the American Academy of Ophthalmology on Medicare payment to surgeons, I am literally laughing at the insanity and perversion of government run medicine. It is a sick, sorrowful sort of laugh, one of disbelief and fear, of regret and despair.

Government is cutting payment to surgeons, because we have reduced the time it takes to perform even the most difficult, intricate, and tedious surgery. Think about that for a minute. The very best surgeons, who innovate and perfect their techniques, are paid less, because they are the most adept, efficient and skilled. It’s like government paying the best athletes the least, because it takes them less time to run the bases or the length of the field.

When I was a beginning surgeon, I was tentative, cautious, and slow. As an experienced surgeon, I am confident, skilled, and fast. When the operation takes a long…

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Manipulation and Politicization of American Medical Education: Rotten to the Core

When Obama and his Organizing for Obama operatives promised to fundamentally transform the USA, mesmerized groupies swooned while the majority of Americans opposed, but were forced to dry-swallow, the bitter pill- The Manifesto for that fundamental change, the paradoxically named “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

Despite what Obama organizers claim, American medicine is the pinnacle of miraculous life-saving, life-prolonging medicine achieved through a long tradition of physicians’ and surgeons’ incomparable innovation, brute-strength hard work, self-sacrificial courage, and compassionate, dignified devotion to each individual patient. America’s physicians achieved all this because we take The Hippocratic Oath, serve each individual patient to the best of our ability, and endure a rigorous rite of passage through American medical education that is beyond description, known only to those who have survived it, and is like no other in the world.

The promised fundamental transformation requires that America’s physicians break the sacred Hippocratic Oath and serve the state first and patients second and according to government diktat. The new philosophy is that of Plato; Hippocrates is regarded as obsolete. Obamacare architects like Ezekiel Emmanuel, MD and implementers like Donald Berwick, MD decry the old-fashioned Hippocratic Oath and seek to replace it. Their ideology-based policy seeks to replace the patient-physician relationship with the government-society as a collective unit relationship, espousing precisely the ideology of Plato. Emmanuel, Obama’s key health advisor on the Affordable Care Act, bemoaned that doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, “as an imperative to do everything for the patient regardless of the cost or effects on others.” Berwick, Obama’s first head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), likewise opined that the federal government must step in between doctors and patients to curb and redistribute the use of medical resources with allocation based on “important subgroups.” He said “Groups”, not the “individual patient in the doctor’s office”, should be the “unit of concern.”

The new “group-medicine” of Obama, like the old statist medicine of Plato, is counter to everything we have ever believed or experienced as a moral and virtuous society of free individuals under The Constitution. These master manipulators seek to transform physicians from compassionate, personal healers to cold hearted weapons of mass discrimination. This is rotten to the core. It is being implemented at this moment through a radical transformation of medical education funded and sanctioned by Obamacare, much like common core at the primary, secondary, and undergraduate levels.

Read the law. Obamacare gives the Secretary of HHS unprecedented power and unlimited grant money to award at her discretion to influence medical school curriculum, faculty composition and salary, and number, distribution, and location of medical student and residency positions. Government now controls all aspects of student loan granting and can even selectively waive or enforce terms of loan payback, including service in a healthcare workforce which serves at the powerful hand of the appointed Surgeon General, who can call up student loan debtors for involuntary deployment foreign or domestic when a situation is deemed in “need ” or “crisis”. Crony boards and agencies award with accreditation or punish with probation medical schools and residency programs that dare not fall in line and comply with the new philosophy. This is bribery, coercion, and extortion at its worst.

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), the test used to compare and select the best and brightest for coveted medical school positions will change this year for only the 5th time since its inception in the 1920’s. Biology, chemistry, and physics will be deemphasized so that sociology and psychology can be given significant weight. Physical sciences have absolute correct answers; whereas, “correct answers” in the social and behavioral sciences are of a relative, if not “politically correct”, nature. The implications of this transformation cannot be overstated. A new breed of like-minded doctors can now be selected. Who needs doctors who are good at chemistry and biology and want to cure cancer, when a more socially friendly, Plato-like lot can hold our hands and push our morphine as we dutifully “check out”, happy addicts who’ve used up our share of allotted resources? Who needs surgery, when you can get such good painkiller? ( Those of us who’ve actually read it have noticed that a substantial portion of Obamacare is devoted to pain management, the agencies and bureaucracy of “pain-management”, and the appropriate administration of “pain-killers”.) Suddenly, “attitudes” toward euthanasia, abortion, religion, and who knows what else can be “tested” for the “correct answers” that warrant acceptance to medical school.

Like Common Core, actual knowledge gleaned and grades earned through a rigorous, comprehensive medical education of proven breadth and depth now pale in the shadow of a National Board Exam. A nationalized, standardized test now serves as the major factor upon which medical students are compared and rewarded with coveted residency positions in specialties and locales of their choosing. Government can now in large measure choose what we’ll do and where we’ll go for us based on a single national test. This national test will assess the knowledge government-aligned agencies deem appropriate for us to master, not what the past masters and pillars of our profession would have us know.

Government has a chokehold on medical education and is working to create the new generation of physicians to their liking. Why is this so blindly accepted? Is it because we no longer have a curious, courageous free press to question government’s overarching actions, even when life and liberty are at stake? Or are members of the media as manipulated and controlled as the increasingly blind, decreasingly curious, and decreasingly courageous members of the medical profession? I implore my fellow physicians and any remaining investigative reporters to explore the money, power, and crony trail of this insidious, but intentional, ideological infiltration of medicine. Using our mandated taxation, money, power, resources, and brain-drain against us, Obamacare operatives are succeeding at transforming patient-centered, innovative Hippocratic medicine to that of government-centered, repressive medicine of Plato. Common core applied at the level of medical education is rotten to the core and if left unchecked will result in irreversible, tyrannical government control of its subjects, the American patients, at their very core- the gift of life itself.