Indict Gruber and Co-conspirators and Immediately Repeal Obamacare: Gruber himself provides the evidence.

Let’s get this straight once and for all. Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist of progressive persuasion, was a central figure in crafting Romneycare and Obamacare. Why are Romneycare and Obamacare similar but yet vastly different?

Massachusetts Care AKA Romneycare is a health insurance plan for Massachusetts, which is a state. To pay for the healthcare of the poor and disabled of the state, Massachusetts obtains money from the United States federal government.

The Patient Protection and Affordable care Act AKA Obamacare is a health insurance plan for the United States of America, which is a country. To pay for the poor and disabled of the country, who will the United States obtain money from? A bigger government? Like China? The U.N.? No. The federal government will obtain the money from individual Americans through usurious taxation.

Most Americans now pay dramatically more money for their health insurance premiums; conversely, others receive money from the government in the form of subsidies to pay for their health insurance premiums. This is how the federal government uses health insurance to redistribute money.

In reality, the premiums are exorbitantly high, so a lot of money can be redistributed easily. Sadly, the deductibles are so horrifically high that even though the federal government is covering the cost of the monthly insurance premiums for some, the truly poor cannot afford the onerous deductibles, so they go without care.

To summarize this scenario, the federal government mandates that Americans buy insurance in order to redistribute money. Some people pay a lot while some people get paid to buy the insurance. The insurance is a scam, because no one is actually guaranteed medical care. It is a bad product, swampland. The poor only get what the Secretary of HHS deems a minimal essential benefit, like birth control, and cannot afford the care they really need, because the deductibles are too high. They end up in the ER, where care is more expensive and when they are sicker, compounding the expense. Coverage is not care.

Liberals love to say, “Well, we must have universal health insurance no matter the cost or means by which we get it.” Again, if you get a Medicaid or Exchange insurance card, that does not mean you actually get a doctor, hospital, medications, devices, or actual treatment. 45% of doctors do not accept Medicaid. As for the Exchange plans, 25% of doctors do not participate in the Exchanges, in California up to 70% of doctors don’t, and studies show upwards of 44% of physicians will not going forward.

Middle class patients will pay dearly for their HHS Secretary prescribed minimal essential benefits, and then have to pay again, if they can afford it, to obtain the care they actually need.

States like Massachusetts are on the front end of a Ponzi scheme. The feds are giving Massachusetts money taken from people from other states. If all states do this, where will the feds get the money to give to the fiftieth state? Again, China? The U.N.? No. The federal government will be empty handed and as exposed as Bernie Madoff. They will have run out of other people’s money. That’s why they want to get to a single payer nationalized healthcare system before this inconvenient truth becomes glaringly apparent reality.

Even though the House’s first version of the healthcare law actually contained a section saying why it is not a tax, Obamacare is undeniably taxation by misrepresentation to achieve redistribution of wealth. People are forced by government to buy products that don’t deliver. In reality, the access to actual doctors, hospitals, medications, devices, and treatment options is poor. Waiting lines are long. Choices are limited. This is rationing.

If government wants people to have something, they call it an essential benefit. If government doesn’t want people to have something, they don’t cover it, set pay to doctors so low that they can’t afford to do it, and then make it cost prohibitive for most patients to have it. This is rationing too.

The law has so many rules, regulations, fines, penalties, taxes, agencies, task forces, boards, councils, institutes, and committees that they have total control over peoples’ lives. It is too oppressive for doctors to practice medicine, and too complex and restrictive for patients to obtain medical care.

Now, back to Gruber. He knows this, contrived this, and brags about this. He is a big government, socialized medicine, ends justify the means sort of guy. So much so that he deceived the American people, who he regards as stupid, through his tortuous, nontransparent, convoluted, deceptive plan.

Gruber tells us this in his own words in a series of telling videos. In one, he even points out the difference between a state plan like Romneycare and a national plan like Obamacare. Watch Gruber in this video where he states in no uncertain terms, “See, we didn’t have to raise tax in Massachusetts, because the money was already there. At the federal level we didn’t have that luxury. It wasn’t like China was gonna come and pay half the cost of the Affordable Care Act.” Watch the video from 3:21 to 4:12.

Then, out of the other fork of his tongue, in a separate but telling anti-Romney ad, he spits forth that a state plan and national plan (Romneycare and Obamacare) are one in the same.,

Gruber is a snake who can’t be trusted. He has no regard for individual Americans. He spent time at the White House. He was at meetings with Obama himself. He was paid by the government with our money to do these dastardly deeds to us. He is a snake among snakes.

Gruber and his venomous operatives should be prosecuted for conspiring to defraud the American people. Most disturbing is that they did it using our healthcare, our very lives, as the bargaining chip. We must immediately indict Gruber, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the 60 Senators who voted Yea, and other co-conspirators. Simultaneously, we must seek immediate repeal of this criminally conceived and maliciously written law lest we are no longer a nation of laws but a nation of corrupt, stupid people.


13 thoughts on “Indict Gruber and Co-conspirators and Immediately Repeal Obamacare: Gruber himself provides the evidence.

  1. This government is spelling out to the population what it thinks of it’s citizen’s. We won’t it ignore it. We will fight back against those who think we are too weak and stupid to fight back.

  2. Kris Held, as usual I agree with virtually everything you say. Unfortunately Gruber is nothing more than an academic theoretical economist. Yes, he is a self-aggrandizing, narcissistic blowhard who contributed greatly to the creation of this horrible law we call Obamacare. However, I think you give him far too much credit. The head of the snake is the administration that maliciously and diabolically forced their socialist philosophy on the American people. Gruber could not and did not pass the law. As you pointed out near the end of your piece, it was Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama who are guilty of truly criminal actions. They are the ones who should be indicted for betraying the public trust and lying to the American people. Including Gruber in that group simply offers the real criminals an easy scapegoat. I can hear them already, “We had no idea. We had to pass it to find out that Gruber lied to us too. Let’s hang the bum… but we have to keep the law because there are soooooo many people who have benefited soooooo much from it already.” Let’s not lose sight of who the real liars and the real criminals are. BTW – keep up your great fight. I’m right there with you.

    • Thanks for commenting, Bob,
      Your Veteran’s Day piece inspired me yesterday as you can tell from my concluding paragraph! Thank God for fellow physicians/Americans like you to stand together against these anti-constitution forces of evil. I’m with you!

  3. Could not agree more, good luck finding anybody in politics with fortitude to champion this. Already, weeks after the election Republicants say if they impeach the lying, law breaking Muslim it will cost them the election. What?? That means they will never enforce anything. Both parties are corrupt. The media is the devil behind it all because they feed the people lies, cover up misdeeds and in general produce dumbed down tripe to keep the population ignorant. We all knew he was lying.. A Senator said that yet never said anything, never asked why the press was silent. Reddit railroaded any foolish enough to question Obamacare.

    • Thank you for you comments, Joe. It’s up to the people now. The “Free Press” is no longer free and we have failed to elect moral and virtuous leaders who will fight to secure our blessings of liberty. As Reagan warned, We are one generation away… We are that generation.

  4. Very well written. If you happen to publish it,or submit it in legal circles, you may wish to correct one spelling error in the last paragraph. It is called a “yea” vote, rather than a “yay” vote. Yea means yes, while yay means hurrah. I didn’t comment with intent to criticize, just to help, in case you are taking this essay further, which I hope you do! Thank you for all the information.

  5. DR Held is a true believer in the “Shinning city on the hill” as President Reagan first stated about during his Presidency . She is not afraid to stand up and be counted during this dangerous period in our countries history. She is strong fighter for what she believes in and will not stand by and watch our our country continue its slide down into Socialism. This is a powerful essay that she has written and I wish everyone in this would read it.

    • I am humbled by the preceding kind words from a great American patriot who has served our country not only through his military service but through his lives works and deeds. I am blessed to call you my California cousin, Robert. Your home away from home is waiting for you here in Texas 24/7!

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