Obamacare “Torture Report”: Healthcare Reform Executioner Style

When the Democrats released their CIA “torture report”, they should have included a section on their signature legislation- the Obamacare “torture report.” As I write and you read, American patients across the country are enduring prolonged infirmity, needless pain and suffering, bedridden, immobilized, and worse waiting to receive the medical care they need, want, and deserve, because it is denied or has yet to be approved by their insurance companies.

Obamacare, our national health care law, has transformed the role of the health insurance company from providing risk management and financial protection in the face of a catastrophic medical event to effectively practicing medicine, making day to day and life and death medical decisions for us.

Under Obamacare, all Americans are forced by the Federal government to purchase “qualified healthcare plans” or face financial punishment from the government in the form of taxation. The Secretary of HHS, a non-doctor political appointee, has the power to determine what constitutes a “qualified plan” and which companies are qualified to sell such plans. The mandate to buy a health plan went into effect for individual Americans last year, and consequences of such government intrusion are coming to light.

Many of my patients are having medical care denied by the very companies they are required by federal law to buy coverage from.

Here is an example taken from one of my patients, whose qualified plan is sold by Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance:

  1. My patient sees me seeking treatment for a medical problem.
  2. I examine the patient and prescribe a common medication which has proven to completely alleviate this patient’s symptoms.
  3. The insurance company refuses to cover the prescription whatsoever and sends a letter saying “we cannot approve your request.”
  4. The clincher is this concluding paragraph: “This decision doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t receive this medication. Only you and your health care providers can decide whether you need it. But, this decision means that if you do receive the medication, it won’t be covered by your plan.”

Think about this for a moment. Simply replace the word “medication” in the preceding paragraph with the word “surgery,” ” therapy,” “chemotherapy,” “wheelchair,” or whatever medical treatment or device your doctor prescribes, and it is glaringly apparent that the insurance company now has government sanctioned control over our medical care and our lives.

Patients are forced to pay for rationers disguised as insurance companies to deny the care they need.

This is a win-win situation for the insurance companies. They are paid huge monthly premiums by all Americans plus government subsidies when indicated. Then they can deny care- meds, surgery, therapy, medical devices…and keep the cash. And wait, there’s more! As a failsafe fallback, the government guarantees the insurance companies a bailout should the need arise.

This is such a travesty. We are forced under the threat of punishment by our government to buy an expensive product that rations, if not denies, our care. The premiums and deductibles are so onerously expensive that patients have no money left to go outside the coercive system and buy the actual care we need and want.

Thus, a two tier system is here and now. The extremely wealthy or politically favored can obtain actual medical care. The rest of us cannot. Who needs a death panel when this system exists?

My neurosurgical colleague’s patient is presently waiting, incapacitated and in pain, over the holidays for an insurance reviewer to authorize the exact operation the surgeon recommends, has done for years, and will be curative, return the patient’s mobility and immediately relieve the excruciating pain. These companies are heartless, and look what’s happening to them.

Insurance companies such as Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, and United are showing profits skyrocketing into the tens and hundreds of billions of dollars while boasting of decreased healthcare expenditures. They are literally stealing us blind, and lame, and sick, and in pain, and ultimately dead. The money that should be spent on patients is being pocketed by mafia-style insurance company rationers as a payoff from our big statist government for doing their dirty work.

What’s the federal government’s dirty work? 1. Serving as their “money launderer”- laundering our money through “the business” as a mechanism to achieve massive Marxist style redistribution of wealth and 2. Serving as their “Rationer” – rationing, in the words of MIT economist and Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, the “stupid American voters’ ” medical care. Delay it, deny it, price it too high for patients to buy, or pay providers so little they can’t deliver. There are so many ways to do this.

In Medieval terms, the king commands we pay our lot to the executioner.

Who can possibly defend this?

And forget ever seeing an actual doctor. Obamacare promises access to an “eligible provider”; clearly, in most cases that will not be an M.D. or D.O. They hate us. Physicians actually want to honor our Hippocratic Oath and help our patients, while the current administration is composed of politically connected appointees who espouse perverse ideology like that of Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel, who “hopes to die at 75”, and Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren, who believes our problems stem from overpopulation, has authored books on depopulation, and even proposed putting infertility drugs in the nation’s drinking water. I contend that such ideologues spearheading our national health policy constitutes a conflict of interest of diabolical proportion.

Things are about to get much worse and more real life as the Employer mandate delay expires and millions more are forced to buy what this government has forced upon us. The Insurance Company is now revealed as the Executioner of Obamacare. This is fundamental transformation, and, yes, Dr. Gruber, it is tortuous, precisely as you designed it.


10 thoughts on “Obamacare “Torture Report”: Healthcare Reform Executioner Style

  1. I do not deny that this is all true but what you are failing to add to these posts are answers… the problems are obvious….

    Help us help you.

    Tks JD

  2. thanks for your continued advocacy of proper healthcare.The “system” is broken beyond repair. Remember when the mafia decided to go “legit” ? healthinsurance , big corporations and government is where they went. Fight back by supporting direct wellness and healthcare with Healthy.CoOp

  3. I know you have a distaste for PA’s and NP’s but as a soon to be NP in my final rotation I am finding this to be the case. Medications which are generic and should be very inexpensive are being denied to patients I care for because the insurance company wants me to choose something which doesn’t actually target the condition I’m trying to treat, has greater side effects, or is off label for the problem. They would, it seems, rather have patients addicted to opiates or generally nonfunctional rather than functioning productive members of society.

    • Thank you for your comment, I am remiss in conveying a distaste for NPs and PAs as that is certainly not the case. In fact, the last several times my daughters and I have been treated it has been by PAs. What I don’t agree with is that the way Obamacare lumps all “eligible providers” into one group. There are distinct and Criticsl differences, distinct and critical roles, and distinct and critical differences regarding educational background and inherent personal and professional risk. Nurses chose to be nurses not doctors and visa versa.I know you are on the front lines of this battle with insurance companies denying or delaying even the most common place meds. It is beyond frustrating. It’s reslly criminal. Good luck. You will be a blessing to many. By the way, I work with a team of physician extenders of all sorts who my patients and I love and depend on😉

  4. KK
    This is ,as usual, an excellent presentation. How can the message be effectively delivered to the public and to our ” leaders” in Washington ?

  5. Not only how can we deliver the message, but if the message is delivered, are there true leaders who will resist the lure and $ from the lobbyists or stand against intimidation and threats to do what is right and represent the electorate.

  6. This is all just a bit late. My ex-mother-in-law had a bunion on her foot that kept her from wearing closed-toed shoes. Under Medicare, she had to wait a year and a half for the surgery to fix it because it was “cosmetic” surgery. She lived in Minneapolis, for crying out loud. Wearing boots or closed-toed shoes in the winter snow is not “cosmetic.” But that’s what some warm-state bureaucrat decided.

  7. Please contact me. Heart enlarging high Bp edema etc etc and not treated over a year and I’m young and Florida, insurance and Logisticare NOT getting me to drs..I can’t drive due to medical. I hate them..I dont want to die!! Over 3000 hrs, 450 days fighting every day.. Have four phones full of recordings!! United. Ameeigroup care plus Logisticare CMS Florida health dept all do and allow this!! Sick evils monsters

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