O.L.D. Age 2015 (Obamacare Legislated Death)

Amidst midterm election upheaval and mayhem in Ferguson, a beautiful young woman took a lethal dose of pills prescribed by her doctor to end her life. Considering that The Affordable Care Act is President Obama’s signature legislation, this is one of the most significant stories of the Progressives’ reign of fundamental transformation. Brittany Maynard is the young, beautiful, fresh face of physician-assisted death. Physician-assisted death (PAD) is the revived, rebranded, unholy grail in the Progressives’ quest for philosophical transformation of American medicine and usurpation of the patient-physician relationship.

BrittanyFund.org is an initiative of www.CompassionandChoices.org , an advocacy group which proclaims, “A movement is underway to expand access, so that no American has to endure prolonged pain and suffering.” At the conclusion of her “original video,” Brittany Maynard states-“My goal, of course, is to influence this policy for positive change. And I would like to see all Americans have access to the same healthcare rights.” Brittany implies that it is a foregone conclusion that suicide is now a healthcare right. The corollary is that it is a physician’s duty to prescribe the requisite life ending drugs.

A second video laments that “At present, only 5 U.S. states allow terminally ill patients the right to die with dignity.” Since Brittany’s passing, New Jersey and Colorado are falling in line.

In 2013 Compassion & Choices launched “a campaign to end unwanted medical treatment” and brought the issue to the influential Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Committee on Transforming End-of-Life Care.

Like Brittany’s stated goal “to influence this policy for positive change”, “the movement  underway to expand access” to “physician-assisted death” is classic cooked up, spoon fed, and regurgitated Progressive propaganda- emotionally charged, divisive, highly organized, and heavily funded. It glorifies physicians who willingly prescribe lethal dosages of drugs, in direct violation of the once sacred Hippocratic Oath, and exalts their heroic patients who ultimately ingest the lethal prescription, making suicide more of a post-American rite of passage than a sin. Physicians prescribing deathpills to patients achieves two statist goals at once; it defies the Hippocratic Oath and defiles the patient-physician relationship. Humanism and its government of men can finally, once and for all, put an end to our pesky God, natural law, His gift of life, and His blessings of liberty.

Here is how this intricately orchestrated P.R. campaign for P.A.D. is rolling out before our very eyes.

1. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) publishes a report entitled Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life (2014) http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=18748 . The IOM plays an important role in Obamacare decision making and hopes this particular report “will further shape the national conversation on dying in America.”

The study was supported by “A public-spirited donor” who wished to remain anonymous.

Shocking is a proposed paradigm shift of significant philosophical impact. Currently, “in the absence of adequate documented advance care planning, the default decision is TO TREAT a disease or condition” and TO PROVIDE life-sustaining care, such as CPR, to the patient in the absence of an advanced directive that specifically states “Do Not Resuscitate”. The IOM’s Committee on Approaching Death: Addressing Key End of Life Issues recommends that the default decision change. They promote a system where a medical order should be present in the patient record in order to initiate life-sustaining treatment for people of all ages with a serious illness or medical condition who may be approaching death- the default decision becoming “allow natural death”. The committee urges states to develop and implement a “Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” (POLST) paradigm program in accordance with nationally standardized care requirements.

Are we fundamentally transforming from doctors who provide life-saving measures unless there is a specific order to withhold them, to doctors who do NOT implement life–sustaining measures unless there are specific orders to provide them?

The committee calls for urgent attention to the matter of dying and makes recommendations stressing the need to seek legislation and create incentives for advance care planning for everyone from neonates on up. They especially want Medicare aged people and the “frail” to have publically funded, 24/7 access to palliative care, including referral to expert-level palliative care which undoubtedly will include Physician-Assisted Death. They report that “In the end-of–life arena, there are opportunities for savings by avoiding acute care services that patients and families do not want and are unlikely to benefit them.” The Committee seeks major reorientation and restructuring of Medicare and Medicaid including changing financial incentives and offering “positive alternatives for the end of life”. They say they want to maximize independence and “Quality of Life” over living longer. Obamacare bureaucrats will be the judges of what constitutes “Quality of Life.” Providing palliative services instead of providing life-prolonging services to the Medicare/Medicaid population will save a tremendous amount of money.

We are evolving from providing cure-oriented care to emphasizing palliative care and cost.

2. Obamacare architect and IOM member, Ezekiel Emanuel, MD tells The Atlantic “Why I Hope to Die at 75” in a shocking article that uses the same lingo and opining as the IOM Dying article. http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/10/why-i-hope-to-die-at-75/379329/ A firestorm of commentary results, and the “end of life/death panel” debate is reignited in the public forum. Battle-fatigued Americans have seen this debate before, but we’re not as shaken as when Dr. Emanuel wrote about euthanasia and Physician-Assisted-Suicide (PAS) in The New England Journal of Medicine back in 1998, Archives of Internal medicine in 2002, and countless other publications on this issue of his fixation. Sadly, Emanuel is not the kind of doctor who cures cancer and Aids, a healer who develops innovative treatment modalities that improve and lengthen life. Obamacare architect Dr. Emanuel is a world expert on rationing, death, and dying.

His “Complete Lives System” of rationing allocates resources to those between the ages of 15 and 40. He refutes the assertion that this is “ageism”, because 75 year olds already got to be 25. Honorably, the elderly and frail should not want to use resources that could otherwise go to their family members or other younger people who have not yet lived a “complete life.”

3. Medscape Business of Medicine, sister organization of Web MD that received $14M from HHS to “educate us” (propagandize) about Obamacare, publishes a report, which it disseminates to physicians, entitled “Physician-Assisted Dying: Is Resistance Eroding?” The report is a compendium of 10 articles and interviews using the same semantics of “compassion and choices” espoused by the IOM and Dr. Emanuel. An interview with Diane E Meier, MD entitled “Have We Overlooked Palliative Care as an Answer to a Patient’s Suffering?” is virtually a synopsis of talking points plucked from the IOM report on Dying and Emanuel’s “Death-wish” article. Closer inspection reveals that Dr. Meier is actually one of the 21 cherry-picked authors of the aforementioned IOM’s Dying in America report and like her colleague Emanuel, is a prolific writer in the euthanasia, physician-assisted-suicide world.

Read the compilation of Medscape articles; monetary grants from Obamacare funded the dissemination of this progressive action item.

Rita L. Marker, JD, Executive Director of the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide warns that “All social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering”. The name change from Physician-Assisted-Suicide (PAS) to Physician-Assisted-Death (PAD) is by design, as is this multi-prong “reintroduction” of the euthanasia issue. It is the same people with the same ideology, agenda, and messaging repackaged. If it gets much warmer or fuzzier it may soon be affectionately called DAD (Doctor-Assisted Death).

Marker stresses that “Few people realize the vital role private foundations play in promoting societal change. More often than not, major shifts in public attitudes and public policy come not from grassroots clamor but from the hard work of a committed few activists with the ideas and the donors who fund them…Without the money that is the mother’s milk of public advocacy, those inspired to agitate for change would not get very far. The assisted suicide/ euthanasia movement typifies this phenomenon.” She points out that euthanasia and PAS/PAD advocacy group, CompassionandChoices.org, was formerly known as The Hemlock Society.

Oh, how enlightening it would be to discover the identity of the “public-spirited anonymous donor” for the Institute of Medicine’s Dying in America report and the name of his or her private foundation.

This is not just a “small world” coincidence or a trite radical trial balloon launch. This is an intentional rollout of things to come, coming in talking points, Orwellian style.  

Be aware of Obamacare SEC. 4305 ADVANCING RESEARCH AND TREATMENT FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT, SEC.409J PAIN RESEARCH, and SEC. 759 PROGRAM FOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN PAIN CARE. These sections, combined with SEC.1181 Comparative Effectiveness Research and Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute and SEC. 3403 The Independent Payment Advisory Board will literally be determining end of life care for those of us who do not have the resources or access to seek medical care outside of Obamacare. This leaves no alternative for the truly poor and those newly deemed “in poverty” via Medicaid expansion, or for those paying huge premiums and deductibles “on Obamacare”, or for seniors who have limited resources and are forced to pay for Medicare or forfeit their Social Security benefits

Obamacare tells us what we CAN have, but most importantly, Obamacare will tell us what we CANNOT have. This agenda is moving faster than expected. Euthanasia is rebranded as PAS, PAS as PAD, and PAD is redefined in terms of Compassion, Care and Choice. The Obamacare-Legislated-Death (O.L.D.) age is upon us.

The question is, should government elitists be calling the shots callously, dogmatically from top down, or should we, the American patients, families, and physicians be making these most intimate, sacred decisions privately, rationally, together?



8 thoughts on “O.L.D. Age 2015 (Obamacare Legislated Death)

  1. So I have to ask: do you think it’s OK for people receiving public health benefits to rack up half million dollar bills that their families have no responsibility for, because they want it for their family member? I’ve seen that a multitude of times. People in vegetative states who spend as much time in the ICU as they do in their long term care facility just as a for instance. I think, if the family is willing to take on the costs, then more power to them. But if they’re not, then some sort of triage system HAS to come into play. We don’t have unlimited financial resources any more than there is unlimited oil or virgin soil. Can it run better? You bet. Can there be saner and better decision making on everyone’s part? Absolutely. But we ALL, physicians included, need to realize that no one gets out of this life alive. Paying for high tech medical care to preserve life at all costs while paying no attention to quality of life is not a good use of resources nor is it being a good steward of the responsibilities entrusted to one.

    • Totally agree. When 3rd party foots the bill why not just waste millions indefinitely. But I believe these are rare cases where in fact the patient- physician- family relationship is weak or nonexistent. In the majority of cases, with honest communication based on trust, the family, patient, and physician make appropriate decisions. This is the most sacred, private, heart/wrenching decision point in life. The decision is best made by those intimately involved with each individual case. Best handled bottom up not too down. Hospice is so phenomenal now. Patients, family, and physicians welcome it when that decision is made – not mandated. My loved ones and physician friend’s loved ones and families have all chosen prudent, compassionate strategies for inevitable death. The irrational demand for futule end of life care is not the norm- but always the focus of the hype. On the other hand I have witnessed miraculous recovery in patients who were written off as I’m sure you have. Individual decision point/ not IOM, ACA, or any other false God like bureau.

      • Excellent article Dr Held and an outstanding response to thetinfoilhatsociety . Patient ,family with physician communication and guidance will make proper decision without govt. mandate .

      • I wish you were correct in saying it’s not the norm. I work in a combination rehab/long term care facility and hospice is the exception, believe me. The families for the most part are completely delusional about medicine’s ability to keep their loved one from dying, even when the loved one is demented to the point that they no longer even have a swallow reflex. They demand we feed their loved one, and get angry when they aspirate, so we send them to the hospital. It’s very sad.

    • Someone can choose to forgo receiving medical care and die from their illness without forcing doctors to prescribe them life ending medicines. Nobody forces those people to be kept alive on life support.

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