We Must be the Paradigm Shift and Mount an Innovative Goliath Offense

IP4PI - Independent Physicians for Patient independence

Guest Post from Kris Held, MD

After spending the last 7 years treading water naively and optimistically waiting for things to be repealed and fixed and after countless trips to DC and across the country trying to cry from the wilderness of the practice of medicine from the trenches with many of you and our organizations, I am convinced this is beyond repair and will never be repealed by those in power.

The Philosophy of the architects of the current system we are floundering in is the antithesis of Hippocratic medicine and in fact works to undermine and dismantle it. Just take innovation- look at Ezekiel Emanuel’s own words on this- he believes innovation is too expensive and the taxes in Obamacare reflect this opinion. He also is an ethicist whose roots stem from his area of expertise which is dying with dignity and systems of rationing like the complete…

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1 thought on “We Must be the Paradigm Shift and Mount an Innovative Goliath Offense

  1. This needed said in exactly the words you have used to articulate it. Thank you, Kris. A parallel system is what is needed; one that is so attractive that the current one will die of neglect. I’m not sure I’ll see it in my life time, but let’s start planting some more seeds.

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