Urgent Letter to ALL Physicians: Take Action to STOP MACRA MIPS Rules

Every Physician and Patient must comment on these horrible rules.

IP4PI - Independent Physicians for Patient independence


Please read the following letter on MACRA MIPS current rulemaking pending with CMS. The report is the unanimous result of a comprehensive review by the National Physicians Council on Healthcare Policy.

Consider taking action to formally comment on and prevent the MACRA MIPS rules from taking effect as they would damage the patient physician relationship and would drown care in the red tape of private personal data collection, data manipulation and care reimbursement denials for years to come. Please distribute it to all members for each individual physician to consider action.

All physicians must take a stand to resist giving of the federal government, all insurance companies, and their designees unfettered access to all patient and physician private privileged information.

May 15, 2016

For Urgent Consideration

This letter is from The National Physician’s Council on Healthcare Policy. We are a national organization comprised of physicians from many different specialties…

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