The Forgotten Patient- Powerful, Patient, Not Forgotten

Reality check- the Democrats are pursuing single payer government run socialized medicine and proposed the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act (H.R.676 introduced in the House 01/24/2017 by Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D- MI- 13)). Ironically, the Republicans won control of the White House and maintain control of House and Senate, largely on campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, but have all but reneged on their vows, in effect, spitting on the Constitution and those who elected them.


I am a physician and patient who read and understands the healthcare laws, most notably the paradoxically named and failing Affordable Care Act and the totalitarian-style Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), that was appallingly sponsored and continues to be supported by Representative Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX- 26). Over the last 8 years, I traveled to the Swamp too numerous to count times and engaged with physicians, patients, economists, and politicians across the country to attempt to craft policy that solves the healthcare debacle. What have I learned?


  1. The problems are increasing exponentially in direct proportion to the increasing intrusion of government and third party special interests into the patient- physician relationship.


  1. Most Americans, including patients, physicians, and politicians, do not understand the complex, perverse system of pay to play schemes driven by taxation and subsidy games using money taken and redistributed from working Americans- the forgotten patients- to politicians and special interest elites.


  1. Most plans are schemes to fund and preserve the current dysfunctional system, replete with perverse incentives and cronyism, rather than addressing core problems that would actually bring down cost.


  1. Propaganda is rampant, replete with lies, and disseminated using advertising dollars siphoned from tax dollars taken from the forgotten patients, who the elites seek to milk and manipulate.


  1. The lefties who seek socialized medicine are vicious and aggressively attack freedom-loving, Constitution-abiding Americans who beg to differ.


  1. The lefties have infiltrated our medical education system and use tax dollars to train a new breed of “providers,” indoctrinated with ideology that undermines the patient-physician relationship and Hippocratic Oath and fosters adherence to a command and control, top-down system of government guidelines, data collection and reporting, scoring by government rubric, and payment based on compliance with government bidding. A growing number of “providers” are not doctors but are granted increasing scope of power by government fiat.


  1. Third party special interests, particularly insurance corporations, hospital associations, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit management companies, health information technology companies, and even national and specialty medical societies and boards, comprise an enormous multi-trillion dollar medico-industrial complex that feeds itself from the very lifeblood of the forgotten patients, extorting the patient-physician relationship. They have very little regard for patients, who they view as the widgets- more of inconvenient annoyances on the way to big money.


  1. Physicians and patients have very limited means to influence the current mess. Why? Because with respect to those in #7, we have no money to buy-off politicians. Every time I ask, “What can we do? How can we get them to listen to us and implement our plans?”- I’m told, “Donate money. You physicians are too tight. You don’t donate enough money.”


  1. The vast majority of physicians loves our patients, works our tails off for them, but feels trapped in the dysfunctional, unethical system that takes advantage of our core devotion to our patients and intentionally demeans and demonizes us as a profession. We must rise above “Battered Physician Syndrome” to save our patients, or we share the blame in their pain and suffering. We must be healers and problem solvers not victims, enablers, accomplices, or useful idiots.


  1. While physicians do not have the money to effect policy change compared to the third party parasites, we do hold the power. Without us, they milk and sell nothing but false promises, sickness, and death. They will be exposed eventually but only after immense suffering becomes glaringly apparent. Can we ethically sit by and watch this happen?


  1. There is a small but loud and growing segment of physicians seeking universal, government-run medicine. Many of these left-leaning, if not socialist doctors, work in academic medicine, employed positions, within the third party bowels of the medico-industrial complex, or even within the government bureaucracy, where they have access to the big money and power to promote and implement their antithetical agenda- again using the forgotten patients’ tax dollars. They must be engaged and exposed for what they are.


  1. There is a small but powerful group of lawmakers who give me hope. They are true statesmen, who stand on their principle, their word, and the Constitution- not their next campaign. This group starts with the Freedom Caucus, epitomized by Congressman Mark Meadows (R- NC- 11), and ends with a handful of Senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, M.D., and John Barrasso, M.D., with a few other patriots scattered in between.


  1. The individual States have a lot to lose and are under brutal assault by the powerful, rich and greedy medico-industrial complex players. Bold Governors such as Greg Abbott of Texas play a huge role in preventing a plan such as the Democrat’s Medicare for All from usurping the 10th Amendment and becoming law of the land.


  1. The forgotten patient holds all the power and must once again stand strong, as in the last election, and demand those elected fulfill their promises or suffer the consequences.


I pray for the United States of America, her forgotten patients, her physicians, her Governors and State legislatures, her principled Congressmen such as those in the Freedom Caucus and those on the Senate committee working to repeal Obamacare and end the institutionalized corruption, our Supreme Court Justices, and our President. We must all stand strong together in our pursuit of good and Truth, shielded by the armor of God from the unconstitutional forces that seek to control us. While we don’t have the money or media on our side, we have ultimate power that will surely overcome. We must be brave and bold. We must never give up. We must use our power, patient but not forgotten. We must drain the swamp or drown in it.






3 thoughts on “The Forgotten Patient- Powerful, Patient, Not Forgotten

  1. Beautifully expressed, Dr. Held. I am so grateful for your honesty as well as for all your efforts on my behalf. I take great comfort from your strong and friendly voice in the wilderness.

    I am one of those forgotten patients and I would like to share my story with you, because you are fighting for millions like me.

    I am an Obamacare success story.

    I have been self-employed in the creative arts for over 30 years. By modern standards I have not been materially successful, but by my own standards, I am privileged to have enjoyed my individual pursuit of happiness that is our American birthright. Daily I witness the miracle of conceiving an idea and watching patiently while that idea materializes in three dimensions out of the efforts of my hands to the best of my abilities.

    I am blessed with a corollary miracle when a willing customer delights in purchasing my work for a price that adequately compensates my efforts. Handmade work is very labor-intensive and time-consuming far beyond what the market will bear, so I have willingly accepted a small, but sufficient income as the cost of my happiness. I have been content to accept the sacrifice of a lot material things and luxuries like eating out or vacations as the cost of my independence. From my perspective, this is a small price to pay for my vast degree of freedom.

    Maybe it’s a quaint idea in these days of celebrated victimhood, but I don’t believe I have a right to my pursuit of happiness if it comes at the cost of someone else’s misery. I don’t believe I have a right to my independence at the cost of someone else’s hard earned property.

    To that end, I have purchased my own health insurance for 30 years because I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. I don’t expect my neighbors take care of me because I understand it is my responsibility to take care of myself. I want the best care possible to be available for the truly needy, and my means to contribute to that is best secured by my self-sufficiency.

    I was able to live on the smallest of profit margins, but the punishing increases in my health insurance premiums since 2010 have now made that impossible. Washington has decreed that I don’t earn enough to satisfy Obamacare’s redistribution scheme.

    I can no longer afford my insurance, nor can I afford any actual health care. Thirty years of developing my skills, investing in tools, and establishing a market have been crushed to worthlessness by big government compassion.

    Sure, Obamacare has failed as an insurance program, a marketplace, and at providing health care, but every facet of my life is no longer mine to control.

    I am an Obamacare success story.

    It may not yet be as evident to everyone else as it is to me now, but the price of Obamacare is that none of us will escape its victimhood. Pursuit of happiness? Gone. Independence? Gone. Self-sufficiency? Gone. Personal property? Gone. Self-determination? Gone. Self-pride? Gone.

    Obamacare hasn’t only destroyed my life, it is destroying America. If we don’t repeal it now, on our watch we will have destroyed the genius of the “last, best hope of earth” not only for ourselves, but for all future generations.

    There is no possible gain worth a cost so dear.

    • Your words are pure truth. We share that increasingly rare appreciation for our blessings of liberty (which we as a nation are failing to secure), love of rugged individualism, and the knowing that human potential is unlimited when the resourceful, innovative human spirit is unleashed. Further that we must take individual responsibility for our plight in lieu of victim-hood, entitlement and dependency. I recommend you join a healthsharing ministry like Liberty, Medishare, Samaritan, or Christian and seek direct patient care. What state do you live in? Thank you for taking time to read and reply! Such a pleasure to connect.

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