Response to Medscape interview

I wonder if Dr.Mostashari has practiced actual hands on medicine with real patients a day in his life. His background-Masters in Population Science from Harvard and MPH from Yale perfectly coincides with the ideology of the “Team” he refers to as the best part of his experience. He thinks Sebilius is “amazing”, really? The discussion of the “politicization of medicine” should be retitled the “Tyrannization of medicine”. Dr.Matashari’s references to “Incredible urgency” and “Move Forward” are straight out of Alinsky’s playbook. When he tells physicians to “Profit from meaningful use” and policy “tools” like ACO’s (he calls an investment vehicle with 1-sided risk), he is essentially telling us to sell our souls and patients’ lives out to the government for cash. A 3 years profit, take the “tools” (translation cash)…so fellow physicians, after the 3 years of succumbing to the coercion and cash ($37Billion) of government elites, what then? I literally feel ill after watching this. Our profession has been defiled, and we are to blame. God help us. I do think Dr.Topol did a good job exposing our HIT Czar’s agenda and ideology. Excellent questions exposing Matashari as an insider, Obama operative. Office of National Coordinator, The Institute, Meaningful Use, Plan B, ACO’s Evidence-based- yes, this HIT Czar has bought into Big Government medicine. He has completely ignored the vast majority of America’s physicians and patients in his arrogance that he and his progressive colleagues know what’s best for us. I can’t wait to see how much he will now make with his new job for some HIT company-no doubt $Millions, as have most who sell us out, then leave Sebilius’s service to cash in. Medscape-where we can go to see how to implement and comply with the fundamental transformation (AKA destruction) of American medicine. Never do I see anything about alternative options for those of us that dissent and refuse to spend the rest of our lives as government drones. We did take the Hippocratic Oath-is that worth anything anymore?

I wrote this back on Sept 7 in response to a Medscape interview.I discovered last week Sebilius granted Medscape $4.8M to “educate physicians” about the ACA. Interviewees like HHS darling former HIT czar Dr. Matashari get upwards of $161,000 for a 4 minute video according to recent reports. I also read Dr. Matashari got a plumb job as a fellow at the Brookings Institute. Oh, to be one of the central planner,ruling elites…


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