3 thoughts on “Insanity Reigns: I will not play the perverse game of government run medicine, so help me God.

  1. I already knew I had a great doc and surgeon. I am fortunate that I could afford to pay her out of pocket. It makes me sad that because of government interference in the most important area of our lives – our health- not everyone will have the quality of care that I do.

    PS – I could READ this tonight without increasing the font size on my iPad to “giant”. Thankyou Kris!

  2. Dr. Held, as a surgeon you are a participant in a marketplace. You are the seller of a service and the evil “government” is nothing more than another buyer of your services, much like Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare etc. As a participant in this marketplace, you are free to walk away from the table. You are not enchained and need not pray to God for relief. Just walk away and go to the next customer, hopefully it will be someone who is willing and able to pay for your talents and gifts. Good luck to you.

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