Dear Trusted Patient, Welcome to a new era in my practice; I work for you and you alone!

October 1, 2015

Dear Trusted Patient,

A new era in my life in medicine has begun. True to the Hippocratic Oath that I took over 20 years ago, I will serve solely you, my patient, to the best of my ability maintaining privacy, dignity, and the integrity of our patient-physician relationship. This relationship is based on mutual trust and honest communication. Your medical records are yours, and I will share them with no one without your permission. I will not engage in collecting or sharing your personal information or medical data with the government or any outside agency with which it contracts. I will resist outside forces that seek to intervene in the patient-physician relationship, that restrict, delay, and deny your access to needed medical care, and that impede innovation, block the use of advanced technology, and obstruct the prescription of current medications. I will seek the highest quality, lowest cost pathway to your best outcome. This relationship exists between you and me alone, unencumbered by 3rd party influences. Accordingly, I submit to you a fair, reasonable, transparent fee schedule for my services.

I understand that most patients have existing agreements with insurance companies and are choosing to see me as an “out-of-network provider” for their respective insurance companies. Patients are free to submit claims for my services to their private insurers; however, I will not submit claims to the insurance companies, because my agreement is with you, my patient, not your insurance company. I have no agreements with any 3rd party payors, including Medicare. Medicare patients can use their parts A and D, for hospital, surgery center, and pharmacy benefits but cannot file Part B for my services- which I make surprisingly affordable for you. I believe this arrangement will result in easier access for you to me and easier acquisition of the best medications and state-of-the-art surgery when indicated, at a dramatically lower cost. Finally, I am pleased to see those less fortunate patients who have little or no means to obtain care at little or no cost during their time of great need. This is my calling and the duty of my profession, just as it is my duty to resist outside forces that seek to overtake the private practice of Hippocratic medicine.

Amidst this time of healthcare upheaval, we must become educated and engaged if we hope to achieve the best possible results for you. I am humbled and blessed to be your doctor. I thank you for choosing to continue in my care. I look forward to discussing these issues with you, seeking solutions, and continuing to be your doctor for the next 20 years.


Kristin S. Held, M.D.


5 thoughts on “Dear Trusted Patient, Welcome to a new era in my practice; I work for you and you alone!

  1. I applaud you with all you are doing to keep your pts. I wish you were somewhere in the Chicago area so I could have you as a physician. I worked in the health care “business” for 25 years when it wasn’t a business, it was health care. It wasn’t all that long ago either.
    I now have had many, many surgeries in which we have lost count of. It’s much harder to be on the other side of the table. I’ve lost everything, but am still alive thanks to many fine Doctors who took care of me. I wish you the best, and pray you can keep your practice the way you wish it to be.
    With best regards,
    Patti Weber

  2. You are really a doctor. Not a bought out medical care employee of the government. How refreshing. We need many more like you. Wish you were in my town.

  3. I have several medical conditions and doctors that I have seen for years and I know them and trust them and they know me. My primary care doctor I have seen for about 20 years my entire family saw her. About 15 years she diagnosed my sons appendicitis even though he didn’t have the typical symptoms; she had blood drawn to see if his white blood count was high and when it was she had an ultra sound done; sure enough he needed surgery. With the insurance and government regulations these days dictating what tests and medications doctors can order or prescribe I wonder if she would still be able to order these tests under the same circumstances; if she wasn’t able to order those tests back then my sons condition could have been a lot worse. I have good trusting relationships with my doctors I try to be an informed patient and we make my healthcare decisions together. The government with all their guidelines seem to want one size fits all medicine but that doesn’t work people are all different illnesses as well as treatments don’t react the same way for everyone. Unfortunately the doctor that I see for Fibromyalgia is giving up private practice; I understand why but I will really miss her. It is scary to see some of the best doctors are leaving medical practice. I don’t understand why our government acts so hostile toward doctors they act like doctors are the enemy; like they are criminals or incompetent. When in reality it seems like the politicians unethical and self serving. I trust my doctors a lot more than I would trust any politician. Unfortunately I am on a very limited income; I don’t think I could get healthcare without insurance. I did pay out of pocket to see my Fibromyalgia doctor she didn’t take my insurance but she was kind enough to see me on a sliding scale fee. I would like to fight to reverse some of these detrimental changes that have occurred to our healthcare system but I am not sure how.

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