25 Questions for Texas- and Bexar County

  1. Did lockdown and banning elective surgery and routine medical care stop COVID spread?
  2. How many COVID cases were in Texas March 22 (when GA-09 was signed) and how many June 25 (when GA-27 was signed)?
  3. Did stopping elective surgery and routine care help or hurt hospital bed availability?
  4. How many HC workers were furloughed as a result of original ban on elective care?
  5. How many HC workers that were furloughed, fired, or reassigned have been replaced?
  6. How many licensed hospital beds are available in Texas?
  7. How many staffed beds were available in March, how many were available in June?
  8. How many ICU beds? How many ventilators?
  9. What was hospital bed, ICU, and ventilator occupancy each of the last years over the same period of time?
  10. How are cases defined? Positive PCR nasal swab tests? What is the turnaround time for results? Are antibody test results included? Are these duplicative; ie, does a single patient who has PCR positive and IgM count as 2 positive cases?
  11. How many are asymptomatic from mandated testing from prisons, nursing homes, and hospital admissions for other reasons such as delivering a baby.
  12. How many are symptomatic and quarantining at home?
  13. How many are admitted to hospital wards?
  14. What is the average length of stay? (I heard 1.4 days now)
  15. What does the hospital receive for a COVID diagnosis?
  16. Is there financial incentive and thus a lower threshold to admit?
  17. Is there greater financial incentive to admit beyond 24 hour observation- thus explaining the 1.4 day admission average.
  18. How many non-US residents are hospitalized, and what percentage of the COVID-related hospitalizations does this represent?
  19. What percentage of ICU beds and ventilators do non-US residents occupy?
  20. Please show a map graph showing daily testing superimposed on daily test results- include separate colored lines for total tests, positive tests, and negative tests over time (use March 1-current date).
  21. Show graph showing positive tests vs. hospitalizations vs. deaths over time. (use March 1 – current date).
  22. What was monthly hospital income form patient care for each of the 3 months prior to GA-09 and 3 months after?
  23. What was total staff number and salary each of the 3 months prior to GA-09 and each of the 3 months after GA-09?
  24. What were the staffed bed counts for each of the 3 months prior to GA-09 and each of the 3 months after GA-09.
  25. Progression of reopening was going to be based on specific indicators of hospital capacity such as bed, ICU, ventilator availability. Was that based on numbers of peak bed availability before GA-09 or after? Were those numbers adjusted to honestly compare ratio?



1 thought on “25 Questions for Texas- and Bexar County

  1. I would also like to see daily counts of admissions and releases. With regards to # 16/17, I have seen articles indicating that patients testing positive are being admitted even if they have mild symptoms and could recover at home.

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